The European Dimension of WSB

The University of Security is a truly European institution. This means that students are constantly reminded that the European Union exists, develops and reaches decisions which influence people’s lives. Challenges, which the European education faces, are especially numerous for the higher education and WSB undoubtedly follows the trend of didactic innovation.

Importantly, the search for new educational pathways must be guided by the White Paper on Education and Training titled: Teaching and Learning: Towards the learning society. WSB meticulously obeys the paper’s suggestions and hence special emphasis is placed on students’ personal development in order to allow them to fully participate in the cultural life of our community.

The University of Security realises its educational goals through:

  • intensifying the didactic process;
  • encouraging the collaboration between students and academic staff and the external environment;
  • teaching students how to successfully learn and self-improve;
  • teaching students how to assume the responsibility for their own professional career;
  • educational flexibility with a special stress on professional specialisation;
  • the quality of education and the focus on critical and creative educational strategies.

The creation of the European Higher Education Area by making academic degree standards more comparable throughout Europe, referred to as the Bologna Process, is one of the most momentous reforms currently faced by Polish higher education. Significantly, non-public universities have an important role to play in this undertaking. European universities are obliged to incorporate historical as well as socio-economic changes into their educational programmes and to adjust these programmes to European standards. The Bologna Process affects three spheres of education: didactic, academic as well as the ways academic institutions cooperate with each other internationally.

As far as the didactic sphere is concerned, WSB follows the process of change by adjusting its curriculum so that it contains modules indirectly concerned with European and social issues. In addition, students, irrespective of which course they choose, are obligated to take some of the so-called “European modules”. Thus, one can argue, WSB graduates will be sufficiently knowledgeable about different European issues. To emphasise the most important point, the educational process at the University of Security is compatible with the most recent tendencies and developments and conforms with the Bologna Process requirements.

Next, as for the academic dimension, WSB organises conferences and seminars, assures that its programmes adhere to the highest European standards, conducts research and publishes papers as well as forms scientific circles for the purpose of satisfying and expanding students’ interests.

Finally, WSB realises its cooperation goals through seeking out domestic and international partners and developing its collaboration standards. Furthermore, WSB is interested in establishing cooperation with institutions and organisations from outside the educational sector.




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