A word from the Rector

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, 

Recently, the issue of safety and education for safety have assumed a special meaning. This is due to the dynamic transformations in all spheres of people’s lives – political, technical civilisation, research as well as everyday life etc. The extremely interesting world of diversity and opportunities can also be ruthless and cruel and hence elicit the feeling of threat and insecurity. 

The University of Security, as an institution with a clearly delineated profile which is also visible in the school’s name, has embarked on a mission to educate safety, in a broad sense of the word, personnel. Our goal is to train specialists directly and indirectly responsible for personal and public safety as well as safety promotion.

Moreover, we remember that studying is not only the time for acquiring skills and knowledge but also the time for self-development. Therefore, WSB offers innovative forms of education which are realised by our outstanding teaching staff. Additionally, the University of Security offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses which guarantee an intellectual adventure, bring new challenges as well as creative stimulation.

Furthermore, as mentioned above, our study programmes assure comprehensive development which is crucial for students’ future careers. Also, our hope is that studying with us will be an unforgettable journey to knowledge and understanding.

All in all, I wholeheartedly recommend studying at the University of Security.

Andrzej Zduniak, PhD




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