Erasmus+ for incoming students

About the University of Security in Poznan

The University of Security in Poznan (Wyższa Szkoła Bezpieczeństwa w Poznaniu) is a private institution and the leading provider of security related courses in Poland, with several thousand graduates since 2004 and a partnership network that includes private as well as public institutions such as the police, army, or NATO units. Currently, we have eight branches countrywide and several thousand students enrolled in graduate and undergraduate courses. In addition to homeland security, we offer courses in management, education and psychology. We are a rapidly expanding institution, constantly looking for new opportunities on a national as well as global level. The University of Security in Poznan is strongly committed to two factors that are crucial in shaping the contemporary landscape of higher education in Europe and will most likely remain in focus in the foreseeable future. These factors are: the internationalization of higher education standards, including the curricula, grading systems and awards, as well as the mobility of students, academic staff and administrative staff.




The University of Secuirty in Poznan is located in one building at 1 Elizy Orzeszkowej Street. Here is the headquarters of the Rector, Dean and Erasmus Coordinator office.
There are classes in the hall on 12 Strusia Street.


1.Application procedure

After receiving a nomination at your home university you’re required to Application Documents.
All documents should be send by scan to mail ([email protected]) .
Only complete applications will be taken into consideration.
Incoming students are asked to follow application procedure. All application documents are available on our web-page.

Students are required to fill out the following documents and send to e-mail [email protected]

  • Student Application form
  • Learning-agreement 
  • Copy of the applicant’s passport or ID
  • Copy of the Student’s Card from receiving institution
  • One scanned passport-size photograph:Photo requirements-        The photo should be a color
    –        The background should be uniform and light-colored
    –        You must be facing forward, with your head and shoulders clearly visible
    –        No photos with sunglasses or hats will be accepted
  • Copy of health insurance valid for the period of stay

We accept all documents as scanned PDFs


If your application is successful, you will receive the confirmation of acceptance as an email attachment.

2. Application deadlines

winter semester : 15.06.2020 

*we kindly inform that in the academic year 2020-2021 we do not run courses in English in the summer semester)

Remark:  There is no guarantee that  sent documents will be accepted after deadline.

3. Contacts 

Contact person: MA Julita Jabłońska

Institutional Coordinator of Erasmus+ programme
e-mail: [email protected]

Address:  University of Security of Poznan
Street: Elizy Orzeszkowej 1
60-778 Poznań, Poland


 4. Academic clandar 2020-21

Winter Semester: 26.09.2020-07.02.2021 (the first classes for Erasmus students begin in October 2019)

Breaks in learning:

29.10.2020 -03.11.2020 (All saints Day)

21.12.2020 -07.01.2021 (Christmas holidays)


5. Housing:

Unfortunately, we do not guarantee accommodation for our European exchange students. For some useful hints and tips on looking for private sector accommodation, please visit popular advertisement websites.

Sofa Rooms
“Polonez” Dormitory

6. Visa:
Visa requirements depend on your citizenship. For some international students it is required to have a passport and student visa to enter Poland, while others only require a visa if they arrive in Poland with the intention of studying, even if they do not need one to cross the border.For information about the visa procedure for non EU citizens, please contact the Polish Consulate in your home country.

7. Health Insurance:
Provide a proof of Health Insurance valid for the whole duration of your stay (e.g. European Health Insurance Card). We advise you to apply for a European Health Insurance Card before you leave your home country.

8. Courses taugh in English:





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