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University of Security in Poznań



Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
Recently, the issue of safety and education for safety have assumed a special meaning. This is due to the dynamic transformations in all spheres of people’s lives – political, technical civilisation, research as well as everyday life etc. The extremely interesting world of diversity and opportunities can also be ruthless and cruel and hence elicit the feeling of threat and insecurity. 





1) Origins and Identity
The University of Security in Poznań (WSB) was founded on December 17th, 2004, by an ordinance of the Ministry of National Education and Sport (decision no.: DSW-3-4001-972/WB/04) and registered as a non-public university-level institution on February 11th 2005 (decision no.: DSW-3-4001-05/JG/05) – which, at the same time, is the day when the school commenced its educational activities.




2) Responsibility, Vision and Mission
The University of Security takes personal responsibility for the quality and effects of its education as well as the professional preparation of its students. Moreover, the school prides itself on its exceptional concern for the level of qualifications and professional development of its academic staff. WSB is also responsible for advocating security and creating a model of safe life – to be achieved through the cooperation with external agencies for which safety is of paramount importance.




3) The European Dimension of WSB
The University of Security is a truly European institution. This means that students are constantly reminded that the European Union exists, develops and reaches decisions which influence people’s lives. Challenges, which the European education faces, are especially numerous for the higher education and WSB undoubtedly follows the trend of didactic innovation.




4) Selected proposal of  the offer of University of Security.

The University of Security carries out a mission of educating highly competent safety managers. Except for undergraduate courses, we also offer a variety of postgraduate diploma programmes which are addressed to individuals with a bachelor’s, master’s or engineering degree. All lectures and seminars are conducted by qualified specialists. 




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