Responsibility, Vision and Mission

The University of Security takes personal responsibility for the quality and effects of its education as well as the professional preparation of its students. Moreover, the school prides itself on its exceptional concern for the level of qualifications and professional development of its academic staff.

WSB is also responsible for advocating security and creating a model of safe life – to be achieved through the cooperation with external agencies for which safety is of paramount importance.

In order to obtain its educational goals, WSB performs tasks leading up to:

  • the preparation of systemic solutions concerning safety at work, safe and hygienic lifestyle, peaceful, pleasant and safe education;
  • the implementation of procedures, methods and techniques forming the basis of safety and moral responsibility in the field of educational practice;
  • the cooperation and collaboration with various organisations, institutions and professionals whose main concern is health and personal safety;
  • the promotion of professionally prepared and equipped workers ready to actively participate in preventing field-related health and security risks (e.g. at work or school);
  • the integration of safety and health education through approaching the problem holistically, i.e. from both professional and personal perspective;
  • the introduction of special educational programmes addressing the issues of the involvement of the disabled in social, mainly work-related, processes;
  • the adjustment of the educational offer so that it is compatible with safety models promoted internationally;
  • the preparation of high-class professionals ready to endorse appropriate health and safety measures in schools and businesses;
  • undertaking lost initiatives whose main goal is to introduce changes to the national health and safety practice.

The University of Security aspires to be perceived as an institution ready to respond to various challenges. It also understands and recognises modern educational needs – education compatible with the today’s labour market expectations. The school is dedicated to developing and introducing innovative solutions which are beneficial to students and the whole academic environment and whose purpose is to eliminate educational passivity and negligence. Therefore, the school’s mission is to:

  • spread humanistic values;
  • base education on professional knowledge and skills;
  • propagate personal and public safety;
  • educate for safety.

The mission has been deliberately emphasised in the school’s name and is realised through:

  • the conception of an open and innovative school which perceives, investigates and attempts to fulfil the needs for social and economic safety;
  • establishing the norms of behaviours, attitudes and values springing from the school’s profile and philosophy;
  • developing the ability to apply practical knowledge to social, educational and economic spheres of the graduates’ professional life;
  • developing an integral model of education which combines knowledge with practical skills.

WSB provides students with general and professional knowledge which allows them to obtain a satisfying job and remain desirable specialists. What is more, the school educates competent, active, ingenious and resourceful individuals who hold high work ethic values. All in all, students’ personal growth and the need for self-realisation is well taken care of during their studies at WSB.

The school’s motto can be encapsulated in three words: man, safety, efficiency. It is hoped that WSB alumni, educated in line with the above virtues, will act with honour, dignity and responsibility.




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