5th International Security Congress


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University of Security located in Poznan cordially invites you to

5th International Security Congress



Hotel Mercure in Torun


The idea of the Congress is an attempt to integrate and confront representatives of both the scientific community and practitioners who, in their daily activities, deal with broadly understood security problems in its multiple aspects. The invitation is therefore addressed to the academic community, a wide range of representatives of all uniformed services (Polish Army, Police, municipal guards, flre brigades, Prison Service, Border Guard, Customs Service), medical and rescue services, representatives of state and local government administration at various levels, the world politics and business – to all those for whom broadly understood security issues are inherently important, both in their practical and theoretical dimension.



Organizing issuess

1.  The condition for participation is sending the application form (by traditional mail or as an attachment to an e-mail) and transferring the congress fee to the organizer’s account by October 31, 2023.

2.  The sessions will be conducted in Polish and English, in the form of papers, announcements, workshops, discussions at plenary sessions and in problem sections. Due to the need to limit the duration of the Congress, the organizers allocate the following time for individual types of speeches: paper – up to 20 minutes, announcement – up to 10 minutes, statement in the discussion – up to 5 minutes.

3.   The Scientific Council of the Congress reserves the right to limit the topics of the debates after receiving applications for participation and topics of papers and announcements.

4.  The reviewed scientific monograph will be published. Attention! The authors will not receive a fee for the submitted papers and announcements.

5.   The text of the speech, which does not exceed 10 standard A4 pages (Microsoft Word), together with all statements (downloadable on the website), should be sent by e-mail to the following address: publishing [email protected], by December 31, 2023 at the latest.

6.  The congress fee in the amount of PLN 400, paid by all participants, is intended for congress materials, publication of an article in a multi-author monograph, a banquet dinner on the first day of the Congress and a dinner on the second day of the Congress.

7.  The fee for publication without participation in the Congress is PLN 250.

8.   The fee for participation in the online Congress together with the publication is PLN 300. Participation in the online Congresswithoutpublicationis PLN 150.

9.  The fee for participation in the Congress for students from the University of Security is PLN 350.

10.    Till November 30, 2023, all participants who register their participation and pay the congress fee on time will be presented with a detailed program of the Congress.


Payment and correspondence details

Wyższa Szkoła Bezpieczeństwa (University of Security), 60-778 Poznan,

Elizy Orzeszkowej 1, NIP: 7781423778

ING 82 1050 1520 1000 0023 2843 8276

With the note: “CONGRESS” and the name and surname of the Congress participant

e-mail: [email protected]  // kongres.wsb.net.pl


Committee of honour

Andrzej ZDUNIAK, PhD, prof. WSB – Chair
Lt Gen. dr hab. Eng.Jozef BUCZYNSKI, prof. WSB
BrigGen dr. Stefan CZMUR, prof. WSB
BrigGen prof. dr hab. Tadeusz SZCZUREK

Scientific committee

Prof. dr hab.Jadwiga MAZUR – Chair
Pro£ dr hab. Karol OLEJNIK – Vice-presiding
Prof. dr hab. Zygmunt BABINSKI
Prof. dr hab. Eng. Marian KOPCZEWSKI
Prof. dr hab. Dariusz KOZERAWSKI
Prof. dr hab.Jerzy OLSZEWSKI
Prof. dr hab. Michal PLACHTA
Prof. dr hab.Jadwiga STAWNICKA
Prof. dr hab. Stanislaw SLADKOWSKI
Prof. dr hab. Eng.Jaroslaw WOLEJSZO
Prof. dr hab.Janusz GOLINOWSKI
Pro£ dr hab. Bogdan GRENDA
Prof. dr hab. Eng. Piotr KOWALCZYK
Prof. dr hab. Miroslaw KWIECINSKI
Prof. dr hab.Jan MACIEJEWSKI
Dr hab. Maria MALINOWSKI-RUBIO, prof. WSB
Prof. dr hab. Eng. Katarzyna MALYJUREK
Prof. dr hab. Slawomir MAZUR
Rev. Prof. dr hab. Miroslaw MICHALSKI
Prof. dr hab. Eugeniusz MOCZUK
Prof. dr hab. Eng.Jan POSOBIEC
Prof. dr hab.Janusz ZIARKO
Dr hab. Franciszek NOWINSKI, prof. WSB
Dr hab. Eng. Andrzej GALECKI
Dr hab. Halina TUMOLSKA
Col PhD Eng. Cezary SOCHALA
PhD Malgorzata STOCHMAL

Organizing committee

PhD Stanislaw MIKOLAJCZAK, WSB – Congress organizing Director
MA Anna BASKIEWICZ – Secretary of the Congress
MA Bruno WLODARCZYK – Spokesman of the Congress
PhD Andrzej POTOCZEK (Chairman of the association Salutaris) – a member
PhD Dariusz HYBS – a member
Phd Sebastian NIEDZWIECKI – a member
PhD Zaneta POLOWCZYK – a member
PhD Urszula SKRZYPCZAK – a member
MA Natalia MIKULA-KARPINSKA – a member
MA Joanna MISTERSKA – a member
MA Patryk PRZYBYLAK – a member
MA Paulina ROSZAK – a member
MA Sylwia SKRZYPKOWIAK – a member
MA Karolina RUCZYNSKA – a member



Topics of interest

  • Culture of war and peace
  • Communicating about the war (narratives, information and disinformation)
  • Cybersecurity in times of war and peace
  • Myths and facts about security in times of war and peace
  • Security – preparation, reorganization and challenges
  • Resilience of organizations responsible for security during a crisis
  • Security in the information society
  • Migrations during the war



Editorial requirements

The text of the post-conference article with a volume consistent with the editorial requirements should be submitted by January 31, 2024 at the latest to: Congress Secretariat e-mail: [email protected] or the Manager of the Publishing House of the University of Security with its registered office in Poznań e-mail: [email protected]

At the end of the article, please attach: title in English,
abstract in Polish and English (up to 10 lines, informing about the subject and purpose of the
research and the results),
key words in Polish and English (minimum 3 words),
a short note about the author – sample note

In case of any doubts, please contact the Publishing Manager:
[email protected]
The reviewed scientific monograph will be published and original copies will be sent to participants by December 2024.

Attention! The authors will not receive a fee for the submitted papers and announcements.



Wyższa Szkoła Bezpieczeństwa z siedzibą w Poznaniu

Congress “Culture of War – Narratives and Facts.”

st. Eliza Orzeszkowa 1 60-778 Poznań

CONTACT: [email protected] // kongres.wsb.net.pl


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